Sep 17 2020


16:00 - 18:00

Dideli tikslai, mažas biudžetas. Ką daryti?

How many times did you “stuck” your excel tables when writing projects or planning organization activities? CityBee’s financial team will share their knowledge with NGOs!
Will present CityBee’s activities and financial department responsibilities, everyday tasks. How works organized and how objectives are managed. Tell us about COVID situation management. What decisions were taken, what actions they took to keep operations running?
CityBee’s financial team will share budgeting experience: planning of the company’s activities, budgeting principles, the progress of the budget organization, interpretation of budget, and fact comparison/budget management.
Meeting time ~2 hours
At the end of the meeting, we will be able to arrange a time of individual consultations.
!!! TRAINING FREE OF CHARGE, organized BY Light House and Klaipeda – European Youth Capital 2021, for NVOs and youth organizations.
In order to follow SAM recommendations, max. number of participants – 40 people.
More information about the Workation Mentor program:

The event is finished.

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