Sep 15 2020


19:00 - 20:05

Festival “PLArTFORMA”: Contemporary dance performance “I”/ Lithuania-Poland

Trans-humanism / humanity / personality disintegration / anonymity / infinity of duration
The work revolves around considerations of identity in the context of trans-humanism. Identity will be considered from two different perspectives: as a unique combination of the characteristics of the individual (for example unmistakable motor identity – can we recognise it even though we don’t see performer’s face?) and as a result of social engineering giving common features to all units of a given society (individual vs. group, becoming many, becoming similar, merging).
“i” is a visionary and symbolic work at the interface of dance theater and visual arts. It draws attention to the phenomenon of trans-humanism, part of which is a life centered on an egocentric individual: i-phone, i-pad, instagram, infinity – i! “i” presents a hypothetical, but nonetheless likely transformation of consciousness from the dying body of an old man to the body of a newborn child. It is a spectacle-journey to a place where in the infinite trap of time, and without a sense of body, disintegration and reintegration of personality occurs. Interesting for the creator is a paradox contained in the pursuit of individuality, while becoming similar to each other (chameleon effect), which can be seen as casting a critical look at modern societies. The costume emphasizing anonymity (uniforms and helmets that strip the dancer of a signifficant part of his/hers identity while emphasizing movement individuality) is of special importance.
Trans-humanism is a notable inspiration for many social trends. It is no longer categorized as science-fiction, it is a gradually progressing global phenomenon as it redefines the foundations of humanity – a sense of belonging, methods of communication, pushing the boundaries of technology and the self, creating virtual worlds that blend with the real.
The choreographer draws from important sociological and philosophical works such as Fluid Modernity (Zygmunt Bauman), A Thousand Plateau (Gilles Deleuze / Felix Guattari), Sapiens (Yuval Noah Harari) and the work of the Polish concrete poet Stanisław Dróżdż. Referring to the ideas contained in these works, dealing with the identity and condition of man, Kuźmiński wants to critically examine the impact of technology on the understanding of humanity in general.

The event is finished.

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