Jun 14 2020


All Day

Klaipėda marathon

Hey, stop rubbing sneakers on the city asphalt!

We jump to Smiltyne, breathe fresh air, our feet are just touching the ground. The sea, the lagoon, the forest, the like-minded, will also contribute to this.
Fans and fans of the track will not meet very much, but can see a roe deer or a moose nearby. They’re local, don’t match them, no one has tried, better done to the opponent.

However, if you invite the people who are closest to you, they will definitely have something to do before you arrive at the finish. Could it be better to put all your efforts into hugging your loved ones? Hardly.

Once the medal is on, you can eat delicious pizzas at Smiltyne Yacht Club, visit the Dolphinarium, the Maritime Museum, or just swim in the sea.

8:00 am Registration and numbering begins
9.20 Marathon and Half Marathon start
12:30 children’s 500m start
12:50 Marathon, Half Marathon and Children’s Distance Awards
13:20 The start of the 5km and 10km distances
14:30 5km and 10km distance awards
3:20 pm – Free program begins: Sea, Dolphinarium, Maritime Museum and wherever your eyes lead

The event is finished.

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