Arriving to Klaipėda by bike

Are you coming to Klaipėda by bicycle? Great choice!
Klaipėda is called bike city by its developed cycling infrastructure, cycling paths within and outside the city (stretching all the way to Nida, Palanga, Šventoji, Dreverna, Šilutė).

Delfi photo © Mindaugas Milinis

Most cyclists reach Klaipėda:

  1. By international seaport
  2. By bus/train station or
  3. By bicycle from Nida / Palanga / Šilutė.

1. International seaport (DFDS Seaways ferries and TT Lines ferries):

2. Coming to Klaipėda‘s bus station /or Klaipėda‘s train station by bicycle?
Klaipėda‘s bus station and Klaipėda‘s train station are near each other:

3. If you are arriving at Klaipėda by bicycle path

Įf you are arriving in Klaipėda by one of the bicycle paths you should know, that in Klaipėda meets three bicycle paths:

  1. Path to Curonian Spit (with famous settlements Nida, Juodkrantė, Prieila, Pervarlka, and Smiltynė).
    Total distance from Klaipėda tourism and culture information center 59 Km. 
  2. …to Palanga “Amber Shore” route (path to Palanga, Šventoji, Nemirseta, Karklė towns).
    The total length of a path from Klaipėda tourism and culture information center 52 km.
  3. …to Nemunas Delta regional park (to Šilutė, Rusnė, and Uostadvaris towns, through Priekulė, Kintai, Dreverna, Svencelė, Ventė, Minija).
    The full distance of the path from Klaipėda tourism and culture information center is 87 km.

Cycle routes along the Curonian Spit and from Latvia to Klaipėda and are marked by traffic signs  “EuroVelo 10” / “EuroVelo 13“.