Ferries Klaipėda-Smiltynė

Ferries from Klaipėda to Smiltynė and Curonian Spit are going from two different ferry ports:

The Old Ferry port – passenger ferry and people with bikes, and The New Ferry port – car transport ferry.

Ferries are more modern, maneuverable and fast:
„Žalgiris“ (2009), „Baltija“ (2005), „Neringa“ (2004) – carry to 40 light motor vehicles, and during the closed season – 100 passengers. The ferry ship „Nida“ (2006) services the Old Ferry Terminal floods. It may hold up to 700 passengers. Ferry „Kintai“ (1977), which is more like a city symbol, holds up to 477 passengers.

The Old Ferry port (passengers & bicycles):

Address: “Šiaurinis ragas” at Danės st. 1

Old Ferry Terminal (Northern Horn, Danės st. 1, Klaipeda) – the most often visited port and Curonian Lagoon‘s coast site in Klaipeda. Calmness and summer feelings dominate here! The main people flood is made by pedestrians and cyclists (cars are not transported here). After the voyage, You may go either towards the sea or towards the Sea Museum (dolphinarium). There is also a direct voyage to the most visited museum in Lithuania! There is a bar-restaurant „Meat lovers“ situated at the ferry terminal, by the lagoon‘s coast. It attracts its exclusive tastes and good music and is one of the favorites of the Klaipeda citizens and guests.

The New Ferry port (vehicle):

Address: Nemuno st. 8

New Ferry Terminal (Nemuno st. 8, Klaipeda) – is situated several kilometers away from the Old Ferry Terminal. It carries not only pedestrians and cyclists but also light motor vehicles and trucks. This is where the holiday begins!!!

Ferry information: +370 46  311 117

More information about timetables and prices – https://www.keltas.lt/en/home/