Individual walking routes

Discover Klaipėda by simply walking through

Klaipėda is a Lithuanian seaside city, where the beauty of the nature and unique architecture blends together, creating a harmonious and peaceful scenery. the best way to explore the city and its beauty is to try one of our four walking tours in and around Klaipėda city

We recommend you to choose your walking adventrue from following list bellow:


^ Solo walk
through Klaipėda
old town

Seaside Resorts – Melnragė and Giruliai v

^ Exploring the
North of Klaipėda:
from suburban
to royal

Discover the
Curonian Spit
and Smiltynė

Wikimapia nuotr.

^ Southern routes
towards old
hillfort and the
settlement of Žardė

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