Klaipėda Starfish


Are you ready to find out what connects Klaipėda to the stars? Then, the Klaipėda Starkeepers, or rather 12 of them, are waiting for you to unlock them! Discover new unknown stars, create and download your personal constellation!


You can create your own star key by drawing on the stars and discover forgotten facts, personalities and symbols of Klaipėda’s history.

⭐ It’s a city by the sea – boats.
Ships that constantly navigate the waters and navigate by the stars.
And the stars are studied by stellar astronomers and astrophysicists.

⭐ One of them is Friedrich Wilhelm Argelander, a famous astronomer born and lived in Klaipėda, who is still an undiscovered personality here today, although he is well known in Europe thanks to his astrometric atlas of the stars of the sky;

⭐ A constellation is a group of stars that are visually linked together in a particular configuration. And while these stars may be unrelated in three-dimensional space, they can be grouped together when viewed from Earth in the night sky.

⭐ Thus, with 12 uniquely resonant stars grouped into constellations in the firmament, the Klaipėda Starcatchers are the keys that connect the past with the present and, to the cosmic music of Kristijonas Lučinskas, invite you to explore, discover, and create your own constellation.