The weekend in the water

Canoeing at night – a late evening sailing in the light of torches will give you a great opportunity to admire the night quays, buildings, and of course, to relax in the peaceful atmosphere of the Dane River! Look at the city from a completely different perspective.

Try a paddleboard and/or a surfboard! The season is already open, and the bigger the waves the more fun! Fun time and active physical activity in one. Rowing feels like walking on the water and is perfect to admire the surrounding nature. Register for the first lesson and maybe it will become your hobby!

Pasinerk į nuotykius

After spending a lot of time in the water, you will of course go hungry! Stepping out of the sea waves on Melnrage I beach, right next to the North Pier, you will find two cozy places: the cafe “Ateik Ateik” and the restaurant “Baltas Ruonis”. We promise, you will not find anything similar in Lithuania, because all the windows overlook the sea!

  • At “Ateik Ateik”, you’ll find not only croissants and hot snacks, but also healthy desserts and vegan-friendly dishes.
  • Restaurant “Baltas Ruonis” offers hot dishes with sea spice: mussels, salmon and traditional fish and chips!

You can stay in Klaipeda hotels and apartments, which offer exclusive offers!

Rezervuojant nakvynę Jums reikia tik
paminėti kodą “KLAIPĖDA KVIEČIA”!

Specialus pasiūlymas poroms:

Ararat – verslo klasės apartamentai tik 45 Eur visą gegužės mėnesį, kontaktai rezervavimui: 8 46 400880;
Litinterp – 10% nuolaidą gegužės savaitgaliams (apsistojant 2 naktis) + nemokamus kontinentinius pusryčius (jogurtas, džemas, ragelis, saldainis, kava, arbata)
Dangė – 10% nuolaida nuo standartinių kainų rezervuojant tiesiogiai: +37068633666;