1. Provides free of charge information regarding tourism infrastructure, travel agencies and their activities, tourist attractions located in Klaipeda city and Lithuania, celebrations, exhibitions, concerts;
2. Organizes group or individual trips across Lithuania;
3. Intermediates in the processes of renting buses and cars;
4. Provides guide services available in Lithuanian, Russian, English, German, Italian, Swedish and other languages;
5. Organizes guide courses specializing in the region of Western Lithuania;
6. Publishes information publications on tourist services in Klaipeda and its region;
7. Sells tourist-information publications, maps, souvenirs;
8. Intermediates while ordering accommodation and catering services for tourist groups and individuals.
9. Provides information to the National Tourism Information System;
10. Represents Klaipėda city in international exhibitions, conferences and other events;
11. Creates the image of Kaipėda tourism in Lithuanian and world markets;
12. Formates tourism information system in Klaipėda region;
13. Provides services which improve the quality of the visitors experience in the region;
14. Performs customer surveys to maximize marketing efficiency.
15. Cooperates with city educational institutions which are preparing tourism specialists;
16. Provides additional services for tourists;
17. Other