1. The Theatre Square
  2. The Magic Gates
  3. The former building of the Robert Meyhoefer shipping company
  4. Commemoration bollards
  5. Warehouses
  6. The Swinging Bridge (Chain Bridge)
  7. The Great shipbuilding house
  8. The military and cruise ship terminal
  9. The Klaipėda Castle site
  10. Fachwerk is the exclusive architecture of the old town of Klaipėda
  11. The market
  12. The Blacksmiths Museum
  13. The Reincke Brewery
  14. Lost churches
  15. A look at the artists’ courtyard
  16. Didžioji vandens Street
  17. The Evangelical Lutheran Church of St. john
  18. Old town bastions (Jonas hill)
  19. The sailboat „Meridianas“
  20. The „Biržos“ Bridge
  21. The „Atgimimo“ square
  22. The Town Hall
  23. The former court and prison complex
  24. The Evangelical Baptist Church
  25. The Klaipėda Youth Center
  26. The „Victoria“ hotel
  27. Liepų Street
  28. The Klaipėda Clock and Watch Museum
  29. The Old Post Office complex
  30. The Augusta Victoria School
  31. Sculpture park
  32. The M. Mažvydas pedestrian avenue
  33. The Female Education Institute
  34. The Merchant shelter
  35. The Residence of Herman Gerlach
  36. The complex of the Spirit and Beer Factory buildings
  37. The Lietuvininkų square
  38. The Teachers’ Seminary

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  1. Lithuania Sea Museum and Dolphinarium
  2. History Museum of Lithuania Minor
  3. Amber Museum „Amber Queen“
  4. Castle Museum
  5. Blacksmith’s Museum
  6. Clock and Watch Museum
  7. Pranas Domšaitis Gallery of Lithuanian Art museum
  8. Resistance and Deportation Exposition
  9. Museum „39/45“


  1. Klaipėda Culture Communication Center
  2. „Baroti“ gallery
  3. Gallery „Klaipėdos galerija“
  4. Gallery „Naujoji Klaipėdos galerija“ filialas
  5. Klaipėda Photography Gallery
  6. Gallery „Pėda“
  7. Gallery „Rūtų galerija“
  8. Handicraft gallery „Marginiai“
  9. Gallery “[si:said]”
  10. Samogitian Artist Gallery

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