Coming to Klaipėda by bike? A great choice!
Klaipėda is known as a cycling city because of its well-developed cycling infrastructure and the number of cycling routes in the city and beyond.

In Klaipėda, cycle paths are marked in various ways:

  • Cycle lanes on the pavement that you have to share with pedestrians;
  • On-road cycle lanes with a dedicated cycle lane;
  • Cyclists-only, asphalted/paved cycle paths (usually on the pavement, next to the road and coloured red, but don’t forget to observe the horizontal and vertical traffic markings).

How to get to Klaipėda

1. By international ferry

"DFDS Seaways ferries

From Karlshamn (Sweden)

"DFDS Seaways ferries

Aus Kiel (Deutschland)

"TT-Line ferry

From Treleborg (Sweden)

2. Are you arriving at Klaipėda bus station / or Klaipėda train station by bike?

Train station

Transporting bicycles by train is easy and inexpensive. If you want to travel by bike, all you have to do is specify that you will be travelling by bike when you buy your ticket online (or at the ticket office).
The cost of transporting your bike

Bus station

Did you know that Kaunas company Kautra transports bicycles for free!

3. If you arrive in Klaipėda via cycle paths

Do you “return” to Klaipėda by cycling trails? You are most likely to be cycling from Nida, Palanga or Šilutė. On these routes, cycle paths will take you to the centre of Klaipėda.

Cycling routes are signposted with “Eurovelo 10” and “Eurovelo 13” information signs to prevent you from getting lost and going off the recommended route.

Dviračių takas per Kuršių neriją tarp Nidos ir pasienio su Latvija (per Palangą) yra pažymėti specialiais kelio ženklais “EuroVelo 10” ir “EuroVelo 13“.