Sport in Klaipėda

This guide has been compiled by a sports-loving resident of Klaipėda and is intended for visitors to the port city who enjoy active leisure activities. Here you won't find all the sports activities available in Klaipėda - we've just picked out the ones we think might be relevant to visitors to the city.
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Individual activities


All running enthusiasts and amateurs have their favourite routes, and our routes are quite different in terms of surface, distance, difficulty, etc. Here are some of the most popular and suitable routes.
A 4.2 km long track has been created in the Giruliai forest, very close to the summer bandstand [1], (track #1 on the Strava platform is called “EKO Ratas”). The entire course is a natural forest undergrowth, which makes running more comfortable.
This circle crosses twice the a.k.a. ‘forest stadium’ [2] (400 m long smaller ring). Particularly suitable for those who like slightly longer distance interval runs.
You can easily create your own favourite route in this forest.


Despite the abundance of cycle paths in the city, it is not comfortable to run or ride at a sporty pace on the city streets, so we suggest one of the following routes: 1) seaside cycle path from Klaipėda’s summer stage to Giruliai [3], Karkle (9 km) or even Palanga (23 km) 2) In Smiltynė, a cycle path [4] to Juodkrante towards (22 km), and for longer distance enthusiasts – to Nida (50 km), 3) and for those who are preparing for the race, we can offer an 8 km long circular asphalt track [5] in Smiltyne, between the first and second Smiltyne, starting from the old ferry and descending along the cycle path towards Juodkrante (Map). At the 2nd Smltyne beach, take the cycle path exit towards the town and climb the 37 and 30 metre climbs.

Roller skates

For those who like roller-skating, we also offer three very fun routes: 1) from Klaipėda Summer Stage to Giruliai (4 km)[3], 2) from Giruliai to Melnrage (4 km)[6] and 3) the pedestrian and bicycle path along the Danube River from the sailing ship Meridian to the Klaipėda University Botanical Garden (9 km)[7].

Outdoor fitness equipment

Over the last few years, many outdoor fitness facilities have been built in different parts of the city, providing opportunities to exercise in parks, areas near stadiums, schools and residential areas. There are many sites all over the city [8][9][10], so all you need to do is take a closer look – maybe there’s one just around the corner? We would like to recommend some of the more interesting spots: on the left bankof the river Dane, in the Giruliai forest near the hiking and cycling trail [11], Melnragė★ [12] and Smiltynė★ [13].


For true nature lovers and running enthusiasts, orienteering will probably be closest to their hearts. In Klaipėda UNESCO site –Orienteering park in Smiltynė [14].
If you wish to purchase a map of the orienteering route, please contact the Klaipėda Tourism and Culture Information centre (Turgaus str. 7, Klaipėda).

Team sports


There are many basketball courts in the city, but not all of them are in active use. For those who like a challenge, we would like to offer the following: [15][16][17][18][19]. And if you are just a basketball fan and you want to see with your own eyes how the Klaipėda players are rooting for their team, be sure to visit the basketball club Klaipėda Neptūnas at Švyturys Arena [20] (Dubysos st. 10).


There are also a number of football pitches in the city, but the condition and availability of all of them varies. Here are the courses of your choice where you can join or challenge those playing here with your company: [21][22][23]. And if you’re interested in beach football, choose Smiltyne Beach [24] at the lifeguard station.
And if you’re interested in beach football, choose Smiltyne Beach [24] ar the lifeguard station. 46.


For many people in Klaipėda, the seaside and volleyball go hand in hand. In Klaipėda beach volleyball house is located at II Melnrage Beach★ [26] – the Klaipėda Beach Volleyball Club is located here, with 4 volleyball courts and even a grandstand. Smiltynė Beach★ also has a network [27].
In Klaipėda, beach volleyball is played all year round! This can be done in the cold season with indoor beach volleyball arena.


There are not many open tennis courts in the city and the occupancy rate is quite high, so we recommend that you contact the clubs that maintain the courts before arriving: [28][29][30][31][32].
Beach tennis is also available at II Melnrage [33] ★. The game itself is similar to outdoor tennis – it is a sport that requires energy and speed and is usually played in teams, so we encourage everyone to invite friends and discover a sport that you have never played before!


Playing handball on the seaside can be tricky, but in Klaipėda you can visit Klaipėda Dragūnas” at the match (Taikos pr. 61A) [35], but it is realistic to play beach handball by the sea in summer. It takes place on the north side of Melnrage Beach★ [34].

Water sports


For some this will be news, others may have heard about it but can’t believe it, but YES – in Klaipėda you can learn how to surf, how to ride waves and even take part in competitions! And bring your children to the surf camp.
It’s all happening on Melnrage Beach★, next to the north pier [36], as it is the construction of the breakwater that breaks the natural cycle of the waves and makes them suitable for surfing. Here you can rent waves, wetsuits and be trained by professionals


Many people also call this activity SUPs. Due to Klaipėda’s geographic location, you can use the SUPs to cross the Danube River and the Baltic Sea★.
The base for SUPs by the sea is located in Melnrage [37], near the northern pier..

Wakeboarding parks

Wake parks with special lakes have become very popular in Lithuania. Klaipėda has one such park – „WakeStar“. It’s maybe even more like skiing, but you have to keep your hands on the rope that pulls you through the whole park.
You can have fun, play sports and try to get out of the water without getting wet at Malūnai Park pond.


In Klaipėda you can sail not only in the sea, but also try new urban watershed [38] for year-round, all-weather sport. The lanes of the pool are 50 metres long and even the Lithuanian national swimming team trains here. You can choose from aerobics, Zumba or even ballet, improve your personal best in the 200-metre swim, or simply relax in the bubble bath.
Importantly, the Klaipėda Basin is where 9 metre deep diving shaft – the only one of its kind in the Baltic States! If you’ve been wanting to try this activity for a long time, now is the time – experienced instructors are waiting for you!


Sails and the port city are closely linked, so we can safely say that sails not only decorate the face of the city of Klaipėda, but are also an integral part of it. The activity itself is quite complex and you probably won’t be able to try it spontaneously, but if you are planning a longer stay in Klaipėda, we invite you to become a member of one of the sailing schools. There are 4 sailing schools where adults and children can learn to sail: „Žeimys“, „Kreiserinio Buriavimo Mokykla“, „Ostmarina“ and „GoSail“.


Klaipėda Rowing Base [39] is located next to the city’s river Danube and within walking distance of the bastion fortifications.
Academic rowing athletes can usually be seen practicing on the stretch of the River Danube between Mokyklos and Biržos Bridges.
Canoeing It is less common to see it in Klaipėda, but it is possible to enjoy this type of water entertainment. The most suitable route for this would be a swim down the river from the Klaipėda University Botanical Garden to the Old Town (the Danube River).
Individuals can join, but must apply in advance.
You can also try handmade canoeing[40] with a local guide, and there are even night trips. The memories will last a long time!

Power sports

Individual sports clubs

It would be difficult to list all the sports clubs in Klaipėda that have trainers, weights and other sports equipment, so we’ll limit ourselves to the 7 best known names in the city – Apelsinas [41], Eola [42], Impuls [43], VS-Express 24/7 [44], Oxygym [45], Herkus [46], Kapitolijus [47] gyms. Some of them are even open 24 hours a day!

Rope pull

A club of young and professional rope pullers with a name suitable for the seaside – “Švyturys” [48], is always happy to welcome experienced and newcomers who want to learn about the sport and get fit (+370 698 58760,

Fitness training with trainers

In this category, we will limit ourselves to Crossfit and yoga:
The best known seaside crossfit athletes are affiliated to the following sports clubs: “Atisputę”, “K1-Akademija” [49], “Burpis” [50]. The door is always open for those who want to train together!
Yoga classes are organised by the vast majority of sports clubs and many individual studios, and it would be very difficult to name the best.The best yoga classes are many and the most popular ones are very few and few at that. However, if you come to Klaipėda for work or leisure and can’t imagine your life without sport, you can easily find a yoga studio or specialist in search engines.

Climbing artificial rocks

Climbing sport, which is gaining popularity all over the world, has its home in Klaipėda. A sports club has been operating here for more than a decade – „Scala Dream“ [51]. Training, competitions, lessons, equipment rental, café – all in one place.

Other sports

Outdoor table tennis

The game is slowly making its way into the lives of Klaipėda residents. Such stationary table tennis “stations” are located in Klaipėda Recreation Park[52], Ąžuolynas and Malūnas pond parks [53]. You will need to provide your own rackets and balls to make use of the existing facilities. You can buy them in larger grocery or sporting goods stores.

Discus (Ultimeitas, frisbis)

Flying disc sport by the sea is an unusual but enjoyable activity for many, both for watching and playing. For warm-season sports by the sea, you’ll need almost no preparation – just sportswear that allows you to move freely, a flying disc and a sand court to mark the boundaries of the court, and the chance to play beach★ disc golf!
An even tan and a great workout guaranteed. To sweat and join the training, please contact in advance +370 65377992,

Disc golf

Another popular disc sport is played in two locations – in a city park and Smiltynė. However, there is only a stationary disc golf park in the city park [54] and here you can rent discs and just play.

The Smiltyne Disc Golf★ track is active in the autumn and spring seasons.

If you want to try the game and the park, please contact us in advance +370 604 22952.


It’s a fairly simple and fun game that requires a good eye and a steady hand, which you can improve at the bowling club “Honolulu” (Naujojo sodo str. 1A) [55.


In case of bad weather, we would like to remind you of the opportunity to challenge your friends at the bowling club. The advantage is that you don’t need any special preparation or clothing – a bowling club, of which there are many in the city, will provide you with everything:[56][57][58][59].


The game requires more concentration and precision, and will help you forget about the worries of the day and unanswered emails. Largest billiard clubs in the city – “Apollo” [60], “BlackBall” [61], “Metro” [62], “Honolulu” [63].