ArleKinas film screening

IV-VI 18:00 - 22:00
V 13:00 - 15:00

Klaipėda has launched yet another leisure centre where you can enjoy the latest quality films – the cinema and culture distribution network “ArleKinas”, which offers exclusive and acclaimed films to its visitors. “ArleKinas” invites the audience to the cinema hall of the Klaipėda Culture Factory.
A modern and cosy cinema hall in Klaipėda, with a capacity of 115 spectators.
International film festivals, non-commercial film screenings, Lithuanian cinema premieres and meetings with film creators and educational activities are the daily routine of Arlekinas;
The cinema hall is also available for private events and company presentations.

Advantages: the only sound system in the Baltic States, ACHERON8, consisting of 17 speakers. The ACHERON 8 is the pride of the MEYER SOUND sound lab, designed and built in Berkeley, California.


Address: Bangų str. 5a, Klaipėda, Kultura Fabrikas.