July 6th – countries and national hymn day


On 6 July, Klaipėda and the whole of Lithuania will commemorate and celebrate the State Day (the Coronation of King Mindaugas of Lithuania) and the National Anthem Day. On this occasion, Klaipėda will host a number of events, which are also dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the annexation of the Klaipėda Region to Lithuania. We invite Klaipėda residents and visitors to participate actively.

The final musical chord will be struck on 6 July. Klaipėda Theatre Square. 8 pm. The free festive concert will start here, with exclusive programmes by popular singers Martynas Kavaliauskas and FC Baseball.

The first part of the concert will be sung by Martynas Kavaliauskas, accompanied by a select big band. His performances are no longer imaginable without a line-up of brass instruments, so this time the concert will be filled with the sound of trumpets, trombones and saxophones “We want to create a real and great celebration on the stage and in the hearts of the listeners, and in good celebrations, everything happens little by little. We have carefully planned the repertoire to include as many of the most outstanding composers of the last century as possible, who inspire us with their passion to live, love, celebrate and share positive energy. Let this musical evening be like a short journey, taking you to the most colourful corners of the world and letting you once again enjoy the most beautiful music of all times”, – Martynas intrigues;
The concert will feature the latest original songs from Kavaliauskas’ repertoire as well as world hits such as “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You”, “Besame Mucho”, “Volare” and others. The audience can also expect unexpected interpretations of legendary songs from the repertoire of Hyperbolė, Stasys Povilaitis or Vytautas Kernagis.

July 6th 9 pm. The National Anthem is sung around the world in Lithuanian time. The performers and the audience will be joined in singing it by the artists of the Women’s Choir “Dangė” of the Fishermen’s Palace.

Immediately after the hymn singing, the festive concert will be followed by FC Baseball and their band. It is a project by songwriter and performer Tautvydas Gaudiešius, born out of his love for Lithuanian music. FC Baseball’s guitar-rock, folk-infused music drowns you in its depths and allows you to explore uncharted horizons. FC Baseball has recently launched its fourth album “Aš sakydamas kursiu”. His songs receive hundreds of thousands of plays on both YouTube and Spotify, and the true beauty of FC Baseball is revealed to audiences in mesmerising concerts.

“I believe that I am approaching my peak as a songwriter – realising that energy is not infinite and our time is limited, I try to create, play and improve my writing skills as much as possible. I hope to inspire young dreamers to write, to express their thoughts – to help them discover the beauty of the songwriting tradition”, says Tautvydas about his work.

In Klaipėda, FC Baseball will give the audience an evening full of real emotions.

Organiser and source of information KC “Žvejų rūmai”