Lithuanian seaside

Lithuanian seaside is the perfect spot for a perfect vacation

With six distinct destinations – Klaipėda, Kretinga, Neringa, Šilutė, Palanga, and the Klaipėda region – there’s no shortage of opportunities to enjoy the coolness of the sea, the warmth of the sun, and numerous local attractions. All the destinations can be easily reached by car, RV, international coach, train, direct flight to Palanga Airport, or sea ferries calling at Klaipėda port. Even though the Lithuanian seaside is a hotspot for summer fun, there’s plenty to do out of season. Here are some points of interest to whet your appetite:

  • The Curonian Lagoon, also known as the Baltic Sahara, is a UNESCO world heritage site. Visit the Dead Dunes (Nagliai Nature Reserve), the Parnidis and Vecekrugas dunes, and check out the sundial; 
  • The sandy Baltic coastline with five Blue Flag beaches that run for as many as 90 km;
  • Over 20 natural seaside marvels: national parks, nature reserves, and protected areas;
  • Cultural spaces unique to Lithuania: the Amber Museum and its collection of amber inclusions, considered to be the world’s most valuable; the Birutė Park, hailed for over a century as the most beautiful seaside location for romantic strolls; and the Lithuanian Sea Museum which has the Baltic coastline’s only dolphinarium.
  • Water activities in the Baltic Sea, the Curonian Lagoon, or city rivers – from sailing lessons to vacations spent kitesurfing at competition-grade parks and riding waves along the beaches of Melnragė;
  • The Ventė Horn, traversed by more than half a million birds a day during migration season, and vaunted by birdwatchers the world over;
  • Cuisine that closely follows seasonal patterns. Much of the fresh fish, berries, mushrooms, vegetables, and spices used in the most popular dishes are locally sourced from the sea, forests, meadows, and gardens.


Discover the colours of Lithuanian seaside and spend your vacation amid the blue waves of the Baltic Sea and the amber-coloured sandy beaches!