Pay for parking in Klaipėda with mobile apps

2020 07 15

Parking in Klaipėda city has got even more comfortable – now you can pay for your car parking with 4 different mobile applications.

This week Flowbird shows to choose Klaipėda as parking location. With this step initiated by Klaipėda public transport organization, it is expected to make the stay in Klaipėda easier.

Paying with a mobile app for your parking is more convenient because you can pay super sharp – from the moment you push start until you stop the app. And of course, you don’t need to carry full hand of coins 🙂

At the moment in Klaipėda there are 4 different mobile apps allowing you to pay for the parking: 

  • ParkMan
  • UniPark
  • m.Parking
  • Flowbird