„Auksinis liūtas“

I-IV 11:00-21:00
V-VI 11:00-22:00
VII 12:00-21:00


The restaurant’s kitchen is staffed by top-quality chefs from China’s Sichuan province.
Sichuan province is famous for its traditional Chinese cuisine; The distinctive feature of this cuisine is its spiciness. Everyone who visits the restaurant will be able to choose the dishes they like. The food here ranges from spicy to sweet and sour. Sichuan province is considered the heart of China, providing the country with rice and spices. The centre of Sichuan is China’s most fertile and densely populated area. Sichuan people are said to eat the hottest chili peppers, which is why they have the hottest tongues.

Address: Daržų str. 1, Klaipėda.