„Baroti“ gallery

Tue.-Fri. 11:00–14:00 ir 15:00–18:00
Sat. 11:00-16:00
Sun.-Mon. closed

Equilibrating between modern classics and contemporary (not necessarily postmodern) artistic explorations, the BAROTI Gallery presents artists with character and authentic creative thinking. The latter, despite their country of origin, the genre of art they develop, their renown, i.e. their differences, are essentially very similar: in their ideological charge, associative language, attention to technique, professionalism, and harmony of content and form.

The gallery is the place where the artist becomes “visible”, known and (let’s not hide it) wanted. The most interesting thing is that all this is happening in Klaipėda, a city that is by no means characterised by the rich dynamics of the art market. On the one hand, this can be seen as an advantage – an open space for the realisation of ideas, but on the other hand, in the absence of a competitive environment, the ability to “maintain the bar” becomes a challenge. Obviously, a challenge to be met with courage!