Chernobyl puzzle box

The puzzle room “Escape bunker invites you to try a different kind of fun – the Chernobyl puzzle box.

The puzzle box is a fun and convenient activity because we will bring it to your desired location. Maybe you’re celebrating a birthday and want to spice it up? And while you’re still in quarantine, have you missed any entertainment? Or maybe you just want a different kind of office lunch break? Have fun with family or friends? It’s a super easy way to have a good time in a place that suits you.

1 hour. + Your team + Your desired location + Locks/Spins/Sounds/GoodTime =CHERNOBYL

How long? Successful Chernobyl emergency response time: up to 1 hour (but you will have 2 hours to complete the puzzle box, so you can prepare yourself for the start of the fun or have more time if you can’t solve the 1 hour challenge)

How many people? Recommended for up to 4 people

Who can participate? Persons aged 16 and over

Why take the challenge? Because you deserve to have a good time!

Free delivery in Klaipėda and pick up)*

*Delivery further than Klaipėda is possible – the additional price would be calculated individually according to the distance to your desired delivery location.