Decorative monumental “Knechts”


On the left promenade of the Danube river bank you can see seven monumental knechts, which commemorate and remind the world of the important feats of Lithuanian sailors.

  • Three yachts – “Lietuva”, “Dailė” and “Audra”, which crossed the Atlantic Ocean during the Sąjūdis years wearing tricolours, were symbolically honoured. The march became a symbol of freedom (1993).
  • Another knecht, decorated with a bronze plaque, is dedicated to Gintaras Paulionis, who crossed the Baltic Sea in 1994 in a rowing boat named “Alfredas Jansen” (1994).
  • Another knecht is dedicated to the Norwegian ship “Anna of Sand”, which visited Klaipėda – it is the oldest fishing sailing ship in Europe (built 140 years ago).
  • One name – Lithuania. With this motto, on 5 October 2008, the “Millennium Odyssey” started – Lithuanian sailors, determined to sail around the world and to make Lithuania’s name famous. The knecht (2009) for the Ambersail yacht that circumnavigated the globe recalls this exceptional journey.
  • The latest knecht is dedicated to Bronis Rožinskis, who crossed the Atlantic Ocean on his yacht in 1962-1963 and dedicated his voyage to the honour of the Lithuanian nation (2018).