Exceptional racing experiences in the “Simulator Academy”

I-V 11:00 - 22:00

The Simulator Academy is a driving simulator centre offering innovative entertainment and a driving skills development programme. Everyone who comes to the akdemia will gain both impressions and skills.
Simulators aim to help drivers save time and money by analysing their mistakes in a racing simulator. The equipment used in the Simulator Academy – homologated sports seat, precision hydraulics, powerful direct-transmission steering, sequential gearbox, professional Heusinkveld pedals, three-monitor system, laser-scanned tracks – all replicates real-life drag forces and gives you the true experience of sports driving.

You can come here to race with your friends or brush up on your driving skills.
Unforgettable moments behind the wheel of a virtual racing car are guaranteed.

Address: J. Janonio str. 27, Klaipėda