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Fun and relaxed excursions in Lithuania (Klaipėda, Palanga, Neringa, Curonian Spit,…)

Igoris, your guide in the amber Lithuanian seaside, original excursions, which can also be a great gift for your birthday, your company’s anniversary or even your wedding:

On foot
With a guide car
With customer transport

Amusement and sightseeing excursion “The secrets of amber catching”
Get to know your region and don’t miss the season of amber hunting and collecting!

During the tour, you will learn about the origin and properties of amber, and get acquainted with the original collection of amber of our guide Igor Osnač. You will be introduced to the peculiarities of amber catching and collecting. The bravest will be able to try their hand at the waves of the sea with a rake. Participants will go home happy and ambered. The location of the seaside excursion can be chosen by you. Recommended location in Seaside Regional Park – Karklė.
Meet at the Visitor Centre ( Placio str. 54; MAP )

Duration: 2 h. price: 70 €
Duration: 3 h. Price: 95€

Sightseeing tour “Memel in the 19th century”

Let’s turn back the clock. Let’s take a look at 19th-century Memel through the prism of historical time. An important historical fact of Memel in the early 19th century was its status as the provisional capital of Prussia. King Frederick William III of Prussia, Queen Louise, her family and the government stayed in our city for one year. The development of the town was slowed down by the Great Fire of 1854. The fire destroyed the Baroque and Classical town, which was rebuilt later in the prevailing styles of historicism and modernism.

Duration: 2 h. price: 70 €