Hello, Little One! Why don’t you ask me where I’ve been for so long? I was with the mayor! That’s where I got this coin from. The coat of arms of Klaipėda was entrusted to me for a reason, I protect and maintain it; I watch, that it is honored by everyone who visits

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Now I’m busy admiring Mažvydas Avenue… Can you see how beautiful it is? Just like me! How many charming people I meet here… In the early mornings, when the whole city is still waking up, I catch a glimpse of every person rushing to work. Oh, just so you know, how many charming little pigeons like to gather here to whisper about eternal love and its purity.

The most fun is on lazy weekend evenings, when the sun shines on the faces of passers-by and the windows of the buildings on Mažvydas Avenue glisten with the light. And people become different – forgetting their daily chores and wandering around, admiring the avenue; Don’t forget to admire me too – what a charming young man you have in front of you! After all, I’m a smart, handsome, waisted man. But I’m also talented! How many stories could I tell! Well, guess who is the best storyteller in the whole port city? You don’t know. Of course I do! Have you ever heard about the cheese that saved Klaipėda? Yes yes, cheese! And it was like this: long, long ago, when the city of Klaipėda still had to defend itself from various invaders, there was a Swedish king named Erich, who also encroached on the beautiful land of Klaipėda; Admittedly, he struggled, and the funny thing is that Erich was finally morally ruined by… a piece of cheese thrown into his campsite! The Swedish king thought that the besieged inhabitants of Klaipėda still had plenty of food supplies and were not going to surrender, so the king had no choice but to retreat. It’s incredible how a piece of cheese could change so much!

I have another story. Did you know that Klaipėda was founded in 1252, when the castle of the Livonian Order was built on the site of the old Curonian settlement? And there are many legends about the origin of the city’s name? No? Then listen to one of them! Once upon a time, the bravest hunting brothers of a tribe located at the Akmena river, Elnias and Vilkas, set out in search of a more suitable place for their tribe to live. As the men were coming down from the high ground, they saw the Sea; To congratulate her, the hunters came up with the idea of crossing a huge, viscous puddle and chose two different trails to do so; As it happened, only one Deer managed to reach the Sea, while the Wolf disappeared into the unknown… For days, the Deer searched for his friend, but found only a muddy foot in the swamp. After a long search, the man decided to take his tribe to the places he had explored, and his travels were told to the little ones of the tribe for a long time to come; Eventually the story was forgotten, but the name of the place where the Wolf disappeared, “Klai(jyota) peda”…

That’s it, it’s time for me to seek adventure. All in all, I’ve been here too long with you. Stay healthy, Little One! I’m in a hurry.