The former Klaipėda Post building and carillon

Klaipėda, a trading and maritime city, has always been an important point on the postal routes, and the Central Post House is still one of the most famous and probably the most beautiful monuments of the city’s architecture today. This impressive red brick building consists of three structures – a two-storey post office with attics, and on either side of it two single-storey buildings, one of which was used for storage and stables, and the other for storing carriages. The buildings are made of red clinker bricks, with green glazed ceramic details decorating the cornices of the plinths, the pediments and the tops of the fence posts. The ensemble displays manifestations of three styles, but the predominant one is Neo-Gothic: high openwork and stepped pediments with pointed openings and niches, three- and four-leaf decorative elements. The magnificent interior of the post hall.

The Tower also houses a Klaipeda Carillon with 48 bells, which was first installed in 1987. The bells of the Klaipėda Carillon, the powerful voice of the city, ring out every Friday, Saturday and on holidays. The music of the bells spreads a special mood in the city every time. The music of the bells is particularly lovely and cosy in the courtyard of the Clock Museum, next to the carillon. The unique instrument is played by the port city performers Kęstutis Kačinskas and Stanislovas Žilevičius, as well as by other national and international carillonneurs.

Carillon concerts are held every Friday, Saturday and public holidays at 17:00.

Address: Liepų str. 16, Klaipėda