Klaipėda in the night: meeting with cities spirits

I-VII from 8 P.M.

When the city is covered by the night, streets and squares are lit up with lanterns, Klaipėda unfolds it’s night stories. It’s like those campfire stories – some might be already heard, some not, but they are romantic and quite chili at the same time.  The evening is that time when cities spirits glide in the air and whisper their stories to those who listen.
Klaipėda in the night allows you to get to know more about spirits that live on the famous buildings, previous inhabitants stories will be shared. Symbolically, by the stories that are told, we will meet Klaipėda’s and Klaipėda’s region’s notable persons, where was the most gruesome jail of Prussia, where notable inhabitants were buried and beheaded; where romance bloomed and dreams came true.

Inquiries about tours – tic@klaipedainfo.lt / +370 46 412186