Klaipėda State Music Theatre

The Musical Theatre of Klaipėda, Western Lithuania presents the highest professional level musical performances and concert programmes to the audience and guests of Klaipėda and Western Lithuania.

Find the repertoire here: https://www.klaipedosmuzikinis.lt/repertoire/season

Klaipėda State Musical Theatre is the largest professional art ensemble not only in Klaipėda, but also in the whole region of Western Lithuania.

The theatre employs over 200 people: soloists, choir singers, ballet company, symphony orchestra musicians, administration and service staff. Theatre director – Laima Vilimienė, music director and head of the theatre. Chief conductor Tomas Ambrozaitis, chief conductor choirmaster – Vladimir Konstantinov, chief choreographer – Aurelijus Liškauskas.

It was founded on 1 January 1987, after the reorganisation of the Klaipėda People’s Opera Theatre into a musical theatre.


Address: Danės St. 19