Klaipėda University building complex

I-VII 24/7 (outside)


Klaipėda University is the youngest in Lithuania. Most of the complex was built between 1904 and 1907. The buildings were used as barracks. The complex included six different buildings for soldiers and commanders, as well as a small chapel, dining rooms, and armouries; All the buildings were neo-gothic in style. All of the buildings in the complex have been used by the army for almost half a century. Klaipėda University was started at the Kaunas Institute and the faculty of the Šiauliai Pedagogical Institute. The University started its work in 1991.

Today Klaipėda University has 3 faculties (Marine Technologies and Natural Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities, Health Sciences), 1 study institute (Institute of Continuing Studies) and 2 research institutes (Baltic Region History and Archaeology, Marine Research), research and study centres, a library, a botanical garden, a publishing house, and a Career Centre.

Address: Herkaus Manto str. 84.