I-II - closed
III 17:00-21:00
IV 12:00-21:00
V 12:00-23:00
VI 11:00-23:00
VII 11:00-19:00

MOSSO is a shortened form of “Poco meno mosso” – in musical terminology it means to slow down, to calm down. This expression perfectly reflects what we want to give our customers. Enjoy the flavours and selections we create. The restaurant offers dishes according to the seasons and their specialities. The menu is updated according to the trends of the time and the gifts of nature;

Located in one of the most beautiful places in Klaipeda, by the Danube River, where you can watch the only metal bridge in Lithuania crossing the harbour and the ships entering the port of Pilies, as well as see the shore of the Smiltyne River and watch the ships sailing along the lagoon.


Address: Žvejų str. 20, Klaipėda