Museum 39/45

II–VI: 10:00–18:00


Museum of the History of Lithuania Minor, presents the Second World War, a very important and painful period in the history of Klaipėda city and region. It is located under the rampart, on the site of the former Klaipėda Castle’s eastern curtin, where during the war the Germans had set up an explosives depot. The museum is very modern, with 13 interactive points in the exhibition hall and 4 halls presenting the different phases of the war. In the hall “Klaipėda on the Eve of the War”, for the first time in Lithuania, you can see and read documents testifying to the war, as well as view photographs and newsreel images from the time. The radical changes in Europe at the time are depicted on the original animated map. “The Storming of Klaipėda” presents the very tragic history of the city of Klaipėda and its inhabitants, “Klaipėda after the War” features an installation dedicated to the memory of the destroyed churches of the city, and a photo-narrative reveals what Klaipėda looked like in the first days after the war and how it has changed. In the last hall of “Memory” there is a symbolic wagon with a glass lid, which is 6 metres long, and underneath it there is a lot of simple household items that once belonged to both German soldiers and civilians in Klaipėda. The glass is covered with a layer of sand, so you’ll have to use your fingers to scrape the sand away to see the exhibits.

Address: Priešpilio str 2, Klaipėda