Paragliding over the Klaipėda area

Enjoy a bird’s eye view!

What makes this offer special?

We offer you a fun activity that will stay in your memory for a long time – a paraglider flight over the Klaipėda area. Soar through the air and admire the stunning views of Klaipėda’s surroundings, and see how spectacular the sea merges with the land from above. An experienced pilot will be with you throughout the flight to make sure you experience the maximum amount of excitement and feel safe, so you can enjoy breathtaking sensations. This activity is the perfect combination of extreme sensations and romantic views!

What makes up this offer?

A short briefing;
Paragliding over the Klaipėda area;
Professional pilot supervision and assistance throughout the whole experience.

Address: Dauginčių village., Kretinga district