Sculpture “Bokštas” (“Tower”)

I-VII 24/7

The bronze sculpture “Tower” rose up in the Old Town in 1990. In its place, there once stood a house that burned down during World War II. As the newly-opened square was virtually empty, it was decided to build an architectural accent to make use of the space. When the plans for a fountain were scrapped, the government held a contest for the artist with their design to be used as the centerpiece as the prize. The contest winner, the bronze “Tower”, took home the gold.

The sculpture is like a house in which various epochs of Klaipėda residents and their traditions “live”. Former architectural styles are also reflected in it. In this Old Town house, the epochs intertwine, and the local traditions have also left their mark. The sculpture incorporates many names and dates significant to the sculptor’s life and work. (Sculpture author – Algirdas Bosas).

Address: Jono str 9. Klaipėda