Sculpture park

It is an open-air gallery of modern Lithuanian sculpture, established in 1977. Today, the 12-hectare park displays 116 sculptures created by 67 Lithuanian sculptors. 1820 m. The city’s central cemetery was opened in this area, and a monument to those buried before 1944 can be seen in the park. The rebels who died in the battle of Klaipėda’s annexation to Lithuania are buried here. The park also contains an obelisk monument, built in 1925 and is an authentic damarkac (border) pillar, which separated Lithuania Minor from Lithuania Major. It is a great place for visitors to stroll around Klaipėda in the 19th century – 20th century traces of the history of the first half of the 20th century (the grave of J.L. Vyneris, the 1923 Uprising Memorial, the World War II memorial sites, the Memorial to those who did not return from the sea, etc.), as well as to relax in the shelter of nature and art.

Address: Between K. Donelaičio, Liepų, Trilapio and S. Daukanto str.