„Stora Antis“

II, V, VI 17:00 – 23:00


One of the city’s most highly rated restaurants and apartment hotels, located in the heart of Klaipėda’s Old Town. The windows of the Storos Duck Apartments offer views of the Danė river, the historic sailing ship Meridianas and the Old Town. Just 50 metres from the apartments, this 19th-century apartment has a garden with a terrace. The building houses the Stora Antis gourmet restaurant, which serves Eastern European cuisine. According to the owners themselves, the restaurant is a bit like an antique shop, a bit like a museum, and a bit like a club for stage stars, politicians and businessmen. But most importantly, it’s all about quality cuisine. This place will appeal to anyone looking for cosiness and sophistication.

Address: Tiltų str. 6, Klaipėda