Blessed Virgin Mary, Queen of Peace Church

It is one of the rarities in the Baltic States – the only Catholic church built during the Soviet era (1957-1960), when repressive measures were in place to prevent the promotion of the Catholic faith. The history of the church is truly exceptional, as it was only after it was built a few years later that the Soviet government expropriated it – in 1963. The tower was demolished, the altars were dismantled, and the Philharmonic Hall was built. The house of prayer was restored to the faithful only in 1988. Monsignor B. Burneikis, who was appointed pastor and dean, renovated the church and the rectory, rebuilt the tower and the 3 ton weighting bell. The church is rectangular in plan, single-aisled, with three naves. The fence of the churchyard is made of stone masonry and decorated with the angel and patron saint of firefighters, St. Sculptures of Florian. Monsignor B. Burneikis, the builder of the church, is buried in the churchyard, as well as the priests H. Šulcas and J. Rudzinskas.

Residents and visitors can also climb the 46.5 m high church tower to see not only its architecture, but also the city’s skyline. For access to the tower, please contact the church office at tel. +370 46 410 120 or +370 601 64256.

Address: Rumpiškės str. 6, Klaipėda