Historic – “green pharmacy”

In 1677, Jacob de Jonge founded the first pharmacy in what was then known as Memel, at 27/28 Friedrich-Wilhelm Street (now 6 Tiltų Street). This complex of buildings is characterised by a historicist style. The building of the Green Pharmacy is a compact, rectangular building with two storeys, a bay window, a cellar and fragments of earlier period spaces, covered with a gabled roof. Built in the mid-19th century and restored in 1978-1979;

The building, rebuilt after the 1854 reconstruction, is the only one of its kind; The Green Pharmacy (“Grune Apotheke”) was open after the fire; The first pharmacy operated here until World War II;
After the war, it was a vegetable shop. In 1981, the Green Pharmacy was restored here, with an ancient interior;

How did the vas deferens get the name “Green Pharmacy”?
The pharmacy sold not only tablets and tinctures, but also various medicinal herbs with healing properties.

The pharmacy has been closed since 2007.