The Orienteering sports track in Smiltynė

The Orienteering sports track in Smiltynė offers great entertainment for active leisure enthusiasts who will not only have fun but also an opportunity to gain a better knowledge of the landscape of the seaside area. The orienteering track stretches for about 7 km and has 30 checkpoints. The track starts at Smiltynė Visitor Centre (Smiltynės g. 11). It is the fifth orienteering track in the area of the Curonian Spit National Park. Orienteering tracks are also installed in Nida, Pervalka, Preila and Juodkrantė. The tracks located in Neringa are extremely popular, as they are quite scenic. The new track in Smiltynė welcomes the lovers of orienteering sports all year round, making it possible to have a meaningful leisure time in the surroundings of nature both during the warm and cold seasons.

Address: Smiltynės str. 11, Smiltynė