Water bus timetable, fares and payment methods

Starting Friday, 16 June, the Danube River will be open for regular L1 service (from 16 June). They will have a different system of concessionary fares than buses, as the Law on Transport Concessions provides for a different categorisation of passengers entitled to concessionary fares when travelling by regular buses.

System of concessions

On the water bus route, the concessions provided for in the Law on Transport Concessions for regular boat trips apply. Most of the benefits are the same on buses and water buses, only the benefits for children differ.

The law differentiates between children on board by age. Children aged 7 to 13 years (inclusive) receive a 50% discount. From the age of 14, the child must already pay the full ticket price. So higher class students in schools and students in universities don’t get a discount here, unlike on city buses.

It is worth mentioning that children up to the age of 7 years (up to a maximum of two per adult) can travel free of charge, but without taking up a separate seating position. You can take this seat and/or sail independently with a 50% discount on your ticket.

Klaipėda City Council has also introduced a 20% discount on the full price of the ticket when using a physical Klaipėda card topped up with cash.

Waterbus fare table:
Full price ticket – 3 Eur
Ticket with 20% discount (valid only with a physical Klaipėda card) – 2,40 Eur
Ticket with 50% discount – 1,50 Eur
Ticket with 80% discount – 0,60 eur.
Passengers purchasing a ticket with a 50% / 80% discount must have a document confirming their entitlement to the discount. The age of children under 7 years of age must be evident.

Payment methods

Cash will not be accepted on the route. All available payment methods are electronic

Non-contact credit card. This is a no-frills way of accessing the city’s ticketing system – just hold your bank card up to the logoed reader. Only full-price tickets are purchased this way.

2. When using the Klaipėda Public Transport eTransport service.Using the Klaipėda public transport ticket / electronic student ID card. Especially fixed-term (monthly, yearly, etc.) bus tickets are not valid on water buses. Payment for your journey can only be made using your e-wallet. Children aged 14 and over and students should adjust their e-ticket account settings to “14 years and over” to ensure that their card is properly charged for their journey. You can also pay for your journey using another medium that includes the e-ticket: student e-ticket. certificate, Klaipėda card. You can buy a ticket not only for yourself, but also up to 3 additional tickets for your fellow passengers. Such Draugo tickets are only full price, regardless of whether the e-ticket card holder has a discount or not. A buddy ticket can be purchased in the same way as on buses at (see sec 0-17).

3. Using the eTicket Klaipėda app by scanning the QR code of a single ticket on the screen.

After downloading the app, you can buy and pay for as many tickets of the type you want by marking the QR code in the ticket scanner box at the bottom (see sec 13-16).