Jun 26 - 30 2021


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The Tall Ships Races

The Tall Ships Races

“The Tall Ships’ Races” events have made a huge impact on two global tendencies: establishment of national sailing training associations in the world, and occurrence of many more regattas, events and festivals in connection with sailing ships. Currently, more than 200 marine festivals are taking place in Europe every year, the main accent of which is traditional sailing ships. One of the most prominent festivals is “The Tall Ships Races”. Klaipėda port shall host the sailing ships of the race for the fifth time already.

About The Tall Ships Races

5 Ports

The Tall Ships Races 2021 will visit Klaipeda, Turku, Tallinn, Mariehamn, and Szczecin. Race One will start in Klaipeda and finish off the coast of Estonia before transiting into the historic port of Turku.

39 Vessels

Klaipeda can offer one of the best berthing facilities for the Tall Ships fleet. The previous experience in hosting STI events proved that Port of Klaipeda can accommodate over one hundred vessels


1500 Nautical Miles

“The Tall Ships Races 2021 offers a total of around 1,500 nautical miles of racing in the Baltic Sea. This region has been a popular sea area with Tall Ships from around the world, with up to 100 vessels taking part in previous Baltic race series.

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