On December 5, during the lighting of the VIRTUAL Tree, the address of the familiar website will be revealed, where there are 12 of the most famous objects visited in the city.

⭐⭐⭐ You will be able to create your own starring on the website, an interesting form of the game to discover the forgotten facts, personalities, symbols of Klaipeda history.

⭐ The city by the sea ships.
Ships that travel on water and navigate the stars. And the stars are investigated by astronomers and astrophysics.

⭐ One of them – Friedrich Vilhelm Argelander, born and lived in Klaipeda, is still an unrecognized personality here today, although well known in Europe for the astrometric sky star selection.

⭐ A star is a group of stars visually related to a certain configuration. And although in the three-dimensional space, these stars may not have a connection, looking from Earth to the night sky, they can be grouped into certain groups.

⭐ So, 12 unique stars ringing in the sky, who have been grouped into stars, “Klaipeda stars” become keys and connects the past with the present and calls for cosmic Kristijon Lučinskas music invites you to explore, discover and create your star.

Information from “Klaipėdos šventės