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If one had to describe the port city of Klaipėda in three words, those would be “tranquillity”, “culture”, and “creativity”.

Klaipėda is arguably the most historically rich Lithuanian city that still exudes the instantly recognizable German spirit, and differs from the capital Vilnius and the second-largest city Kaunas by its architectural style, buildings, and winding cobbled streets. While life may be a bit slower here, the city’s palpable urban character is best represented by the sound of waves crashing against the pier, and the gorgeous promenades that come to life at night.

The perfect getaway: take a plane to the Palanga or Kaunas Airport and get to Klaipėda by car or bus. Anxious fliers also have the option to take a ferry or international bus/train. Once in Klaipėda, settle down in a beautiful Fachtwerkhäusen-style hotel, put on a pair of comfy shoes, and start exploring the city – whether on foot or by car/bicycle. Here’s a potted scenario to give you some idea – first, you visit Klaipėda’s historical and cultural landmarks; then make a wish in front of an enchanted sculpture – one of many that are scattered around the city – then explore the North Breakwater; and, finally, spend the evening at a seaside restaurant, enjoying a delicious meal and gazing at the mesmerising view of the sea.

TOP 10


One, two or three day trip

Getting to know Klaipėda can be a romantic experience with many fascinating, surprising, historical and cultural discoveries. One day you might be strolling through the peaceful streets of Smiltynė, and then sailing along the River Danė in a wooden canoe the day after that. If you’re wondering how it all fits together, we’ve prepared a travel plan that’ll help you to thoroughly explore the port city of Klaipėda in just two or three days.

If one day is all you’ve got, why not learn about the history of Klaipėda, explore its main points of attraction, and marvel at the German timber-framed architecture (also known as Fachtwerkhäusen). A two-day trip will also allow you to visit the city’s most interesting museums; and a full three-day trip will afford you several fascinating guided tours, a stroll on the seashore, and a glimpse into Klaipėda’s nightlife.

Seeing as talk about wind and whistling at sea are frowned upon by real sailors, we’ll keep all wind-related expressions to ourselves, and instead invite you on a memorable trip around the most beautiful places of Klaipėda.