Clock Museum



One of the most unique museums in Northern Europe, founded in 1984; in a restored 19th century building It exhibits originals, models and reconstructions of ancient calendars, sun, water, fire and hourglasses from the 17th to the 20th century; original mechanical watches. The exhibition of the Museum of Clocks and Watches consists of two parts; The ground floor reveals the principles of timekeeping and the evolution of clock designs from ancient times to the present day;

The second floor reveals the evolution of mechanical clock forms and designs from the Renaissance to the modern styles (16th-20th centuries); The exposition presents the works of famous European and Lithuanian watchmakers – Theodor Tarasowig from Vilnius, Abraham Louis Breguet and Theodore Perret from Switzerland, and others; The exhibition includes more than 1,700 original and rare clocks and reconstructions. There is also a sundial garden in the courtyard of the museum;

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: Liepų g. 12, Klaipėda