Memel-Nord coastal artillery battery

The Coastguard Battery is a World War II-era defensive fortification on the Baltic Sea, installed after the annexation of Klaipėda Region to Germany. Two coastal artillery batteries were to be built. One was to be built in Smiltyne near Kopgalis – “Memel Sud” (“Klaipėda – South”), the other – “Memel Nord” (“Klaipėda – North”) – outside Giruliai, in the village of Kukuliškės. However, only one battery has been completed – the one in Kukuliškiai.

“Memel Nord” is not only a bunker, but also a history of our region, which you will be introduced to in a new and diverse way. You’ll be transported back in time to the 1920s – 70 years ago. Feel the pulse of history, test yourself or your friends in a peaceful reality. You’ll be transported back in time to a period in history that you can appreciate in a very different way than you have before.

Opening hours are daily 12:00-20:00 but it is always advisable to make an appointment.