Escape room Escape Bunker 1944

II-V 17.00 - 22:00
VI-VII 12.00 - 22:00

ESCAPE BUNKER 1944 – a cultural game! Escape the underground bunker in one hour!

How much time? – 1 hour.
How many people? – 2 to 8 people.
What will be there? – Locks + Padlocks + Puzzles + Sensations + Good time.
Who can participate? – Each and every one.
Why should you try it? – You’ll see what you have never seen. You’ll feel what you have never felt. You’ll do what you have never done.

BY THE WAY, this is a unique place – an authentic German tunnel shelter built-in 1944 to shelter civilians in the city during bombing raids and artillery shelling. This underground shelter is believed to have been built by the Reich Railway Department. Half a meter thick reinforced concrete walls under the soil mound were supposed to be the best hope of survival for the residents of Klaipėda. Visit a long-abandoned unique place that breathes anew today.

Address: Priestočio str. 3A