Hiking routes


Whether you like to explore new territories or see a familiar city from a different angle, we invite you to put your backpack on your shoulders and go on a sightseeing hike.

In Klaipėda there are two types of hiking paths

City sightseeing routes

Klaipėda routes and more in the Old Town for getting to know the city better (5 routes with descriptions).

11 differently themed routes for a different understading of the city – h e r e .

Other topical maps of the Old Town and the central part of the city can be found in h e r e .

Health trails in Klaipėda coastal forest

Shorter and simpler simply called – „Miško takais“ (routes and descriptions). These are 4 routes in the forest from the summer bandstand to the edge of Giruliai Forest.

What makes these trails special is that more than 95% of the trails follow a variety of forest paths, tracks and trails, avoiding as much as possible the asphalt.

There are 4 paths in the forest marked with beige stakes ” ” on the inside of the route (there are only a few exceptions when the staple is placed on the other side) and a special pink dot ” ” marking on trees.
To orientate better use the PDF map.

The routes are really scenic and even pleasantly surprising – how many faces this green space has.

In certain places „Miško takai“ connect with mountain bike enthusiast roads marked with orange „ “ arrows.
We would like to warn you and ask you to be attentive on these sections.

Jūrų takas

And for those who are more serious, we invite you to try the “Maritime Trail”. This is the European long-distance walking route (E9) part of the Baltic coast. The route starts at the Lithuanian-Russian border in the village of Nida in Lithuania and runs through Latvia to the port of Tallinn in Estonia;

Klaipėda is the meeting point for the three legs and from here you can take any of the following routes:

This project can offer 216 km of trails in Lithuania alone (calculated over 10-12 days);

Presentation video – ▶

St. Jacob’s Way in Western Lithuania

Another serious hiking route is “Camino Lituano” pilgrimage route link in western Lithuania “St. Jacob’s Way in Western Lithuania“.

This is a newly installed road* (* – some municipalities are still in the process of marking the road), connecting the coastal municipalities to the existing Camino Lituano Žemaitija, then to the Camino Lituano Aukštaitija link and the Camino Lituano main stretch.