Jewish heritage in Klaipėda


Jewish heritage in Klaipėda has been in existence since the 15th century. The Jewish community is known for its industriousness and entrepreneurial spirit. At the time, Memel was exploited as an excellent medium for trade relations. Jews came to the city from everywhere – from Prussia, Russia, and other European countries, so there was no unified community in the city. It was home to Hasidim and Litvaks, each other’s rivals, as well as to German Jews.

Today, there is a Jewish Community Centre in Klaipėda, which now has about 300 members. The Jewish Community Memorial Cemetery has a thuja avenue with a memorial sign, and a memorial plaque dedicated to David Wolffsohn, a Lithuanian Jewish businessman, Zionist activist, and the author of the Israeli flag and the name of the currency, can be seen on Grįžgatvio Street. Rabbi Reb Noson Vershubsky has been living and working in Klaipėda since 2006.

To learn more about the history and present of the Jews of Klaipėda we invite you to excursions, or press >here< and see Jewish heritage sites from all over Lithuania.

You can get acquainted with the route specially designed to present Klaipėda’s Jewish heritage by visiting the website of the Land Guide and clicking on “After Klaipėda on the Shekel Road“.