“Dutch Hat”

I-VII 24/7

It is the highest Lithuanian seaside site – a 24.4 m high cliff in the Seaside Regional Park, between Karkle and Giruliai. Scientists estimate that the escarpment was formed 12-15 thousand years ago by shifting glaciers. It is a parabolic dune, woven on a moraine ridge. The Dutch Cap has always been a landmark for sailors and fishermen, as it is covered with pine and oak trees and stands out well in the sandy plain. In 19th century navigation markers were erected at the beginning of the project and have been marked on maps ever since. The mountain is believed to have been named “Dutch Hat” because of its resemblance to a Dutch hat when viewed from the sea. Dutch Cap has a sea view with steep shores and rocky beaches. From the cliff, it is easy to watch birds flying over the sea. There is also a park for walks, with oaks, beeches, broad-leaved maples, and other ornamental trees. The Dutch Cap Rock is listed as a Natural Heritage Site.

Address: Dutch Hat, Karklė 92282