The Resistance and Deportation Exposition | CURRENTLY CLOSED

I-V 10:00-14:00

2014 m. The Resistance and Exile exposition was opened in the basement of the former Soviet State Security (KGB) Klaipėda branch (now the Klaipėda Territorial Customs).
It is known that 8 268 people were imprisoned in cells in this building between 1945 and 1954. Visitors are invited to visit three rooms (two authentic cells and the interrogator’s office), which provide information about the partisan movement in Western Lithuania in 1945-1954, the repressive structures that fought against the armed Lithuanian resistance, the topic of political prisoners, and the history of the exile of the inhabitants of Klaipėda region.

NOTE: for both individual visitors and organised groups RESIDENCE AND TREME EXCURSIONS visiting by appointment only tel. +370 46 41 05 27

Address: S. Nėries str. 4, Klaipėda.