The sculpture “Tarava Anike” and the monument to Simon Dach

I-VII 24/7

In the 20th century at the beginning of the year, the City Council was discussing how to make better use of the Theatre Square. It was proposed to turn part of it into a square and leave the other part free for public gatherings. Finally, it was decided to build a fountain in the middle of the square and to create a triangular square around it. Fountain 1912 was built and the square was abandoned. In 1912 the fountain in the Theatre Square was dedicated to the memory of Simon Dach, a poet born in Klaipėda and a professor at the University of Königsberg. The sculpture depicts a young barefoot girl with a flower blossom – one of the heroes celebrated by the poet. The Simon Dach Fountain was built with public funds. The Lithuanians of the Klaipėda region also donated generously to the monument. It was the first memorial building with humanitarian content in the region. It differed from other official monuments by being lyrical, romantic and democratic.
The love song “Tarava Anike” is sung not only in Germany, but also in Switzerland and Austria. It can be found among German folk songs, and the bells of Munich’s Town Hall still ring out the melody today.

Address: Theatre square