Mill Park and Pond


Mill Park and pond until 2017 was called Trinyčiai Park. It is one of the most picturesque parks in Klaipėda. The most important highlight of the park is the Mill Pond.

The oldest part of the park dates back to the 16th century named as Mill Pond (German: Mühlenteich), because opposite the pond, on Bangų str. on the corner of Gluosniai and Gluosniai cross-street, is the old mill building. It is mentioned that there was a branch of the Danė river here, and later, after the construction of a dam, a pond was formed in 18th century. Joniškės (German: Janischken), Budsargen (German: Budsargen) and Justenhof (German: Justenhof) manors were located on this territory.

As the Trinyčiai spinning factory was operating near this place at that time, the Mill Pond was called Trinyčių Pond or Trinyčių Lake by the local people. Later, the name of the lake was adopted for the newly established park.

2004 m. The sculpture “Blossoming” (by Jurgis Malinauskas) was erected in the park, marking the geographical centre of Klaipėda at that time. The plan was to look for a new geographical centre for the growing city ten years later, and to mark it with another sculpture. In the park is bicycle path, children playground.