Old warehouses

I-VII 24/7

Danė Quay in 16th century was already built up with warehouses. At the beginning, Žvejų Street was lined with brick houses and warehouses.

In 20th century in the first half of the year, the warehouse (12 Žvejų Street) was known as “Germania-Speicher” (German warehouse). The neighbouring warehouse (Žvejų 8) was called “Dange-Speicher” (Dane’s warehouse). It can be assumed that in the 19th century and in the second half of the 20th century, the warehouses were called the “Two Brothers” by the townspeople because of the similarity of their architectural design. Klaipėda warehouses have a long tradition of also being named: Hermes, Leopard, Three Roofs.

Address: Žvejų str. 12, Klaipėda